Broadway Calls

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As a result of one person voting that I should have my own musical, I’ve gone and written it, only joking, but if I did, it would be very indie and glittery, I always imagine my life as a film though, a cool indie film, not a musical, there are more practicalities with theatre, like it’s hard to fit a motorway on stage and do interesting artsy shots, like the crane shots they seem to be so fond of on Neighbours at the moment.

In other news, I have twitter now, my username is sugaland_tx which I think Livvi may understand, so hopefully that makes her feel “in the know”. Thank you everyone who told me well done for my exam results, it gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. However there is the comedown. When I worried that “all [I] ever do with my life is just photosynthesise” I am worried about this, and feel perhaps Frank Turner should have a guide on how to do more with your life on his FAQs page.

Also, using “in other news” for its true purpose, the idea of Suga: the musical was stolen from ‘Parisa the musical’ which will open first and be a resounding success. Aren’t I good at saying the right thing?

Yesterday we went to Bluewater in Kent [I always forget that Kent is south of Essex, I somehow think it is near North-West London] and I got a lovely skirt from H&M, it’s grey and to me seems quite 50s, I love the 50s full skirts style, but for that you need a proper waist, I’m kind of straight up and down and then some hips, well anyway they had sizes 8, 10 and 14 so I got a 10 but now I worry it’s too tight, it puts a lot of pressur on my midriff/ribs. But everyone is always telling me I must be a 10, and I wonder, is this because a) they are deluded and see me as thin just because I don’t eat much in front of them, b) I am deluded and I actually am thin, just too stupid to accept the nice compliments, c) the way I dress makes me look thinner than I am… alright that’s enough thinking about that

I have these weird insect bites on my legs, they are very itchy and red and the pharmacist gave me some cream but it didn’t work too well so I went to the doctor today who gave me a different cream

I woke up at about 3:40 this morning cause I was hungry and itchy, I went downstairs had three biscuits and some juice and watch Virgin Cooks and Underage and Pregnant on BBC3, then went back to bed.

Broadway Calls is not a song lyric, but the name of a punk band

Oh dear! I think I forgot to add tags to some of my posts… bad! I like tags!


Love Will Set Your Soul On Fire

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Song of the day. I don’t really like their look, but their sound is good.

I Face The Horizon, The Horizon Is My Home

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watch. I was at the Banquet show.

In other news : AS results today, OMG 3 As! I was so sure I’d get a B for french, and I got 100 for the two maths modules I sat, shame I didn’t get full marks overall for computing, but I am very pleased with my lot. Just GCSEs to worry about now.

The Day I Died Was The Best Day Of My Life by Just Jack is a good song

I have discovered strawberry kiwi and orange chupa chups, not yet tried one, they are from Switzerland

I’ve been eating lots

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So how is everyone? I’ve been trying to do some summer work, as well as find a lab coat, and I need to buy more clothes for 6th form, this is hard as I am so fussy, also, comfortable shoes, the ones my mum made me take on holiday hurt my toes like hell and were loose at the back, she should’ve let me take my comfy but scruffy old trainers

I like the weather when it’s like this, grey clouds AND blue sky behind AND a nice sunset-y lighting on the trees in my garden

I will allocate some more time to blogging later, I hope